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Where have I been?

Here’s just a hint of the blogging to come as I wind down from a week in LA.  Updates have been non-existant (except a bit over on Twitter) because we haven’t had internet at the hotel!

Two of my favorites stories of the week?

1.  Simon Baker and I had a beer together (after The Mentalist Paley Event).

2.  I hung out in the backyard of the KT house with Scott Michael Foster and Dilshad Vadsaria!

More info and details to come!

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My apologies…

sorry-coverI have been feeling crappy, and too busy at the “real job” to keep up with all of the TV news!  Stay tuned later today for an conference call I was on with the lovely Ashley Newbrough from PRIVILEGED.  Rae’s busy editing the Podcast which should be up later today or tomorrow, and keep on the look out for my updates from the set of KINGS on Thursday, and my little journey into NYC for New York Comic Con!

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We all love us some Hulu!  That said, there’s always room for another way to watch full episodes of our favorite shows online!  The great folks at Fancast.com have let me know that they’Ve got full episodes of the shows we all love.  You can also download movies and shows for rent or for purchase!

Last night, I watched the episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER that I had missed – there were all kinds of clips and episodes for the shows.  Lots to choose from!

Check here for their list of shows online!  They also have great sweepstakes to enter!

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I’m on my way to BOSTON to spend a nice TV bloggers weekend with some of the best folks around.  Check in for updates from me, Rae, Ducky, and Kath throughout the next four days (we’ll miss you, other TV folks)!!

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Just VOTE!

Let’s take a minute to step away from TV.  We’re getting close to a big day of change in our nation.  Hopefully, you’re all registered and you’ll be at the polls next Tuesday casting your vote. 

I know it’s not my place to to tell you who to vote for.  I’m just begging you to vote.  Our friends at GAP are doing just that as well -

As we approach our nation’s climactic presidential election, Gap has expanded upon its celebration of individual expression to inspire individual action which your readers can take part in!


In support of the campaign, Gap has partnered with well-known and emerging celebrities (including Perez Hilton, Minka Kelly, Kristen Bell, and others) who have expressed their personal reasons for voting, which you can view via the Vote For microsite: http://www.gap.com/votefor  (also available via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GapVoteFor)

Follow the jump for HEROES’ Kristen Bell expressing her “Vote for…” and some more exclusive GAP “Vote For” possibilities on Facebook!


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Kevin Clark photography

Up north, there’s a fantastic show airing right now that I wish we had down here – it’s called HEARTLAND and it’s about a family of horse riders (The Flemings) who have learned to deal, in many different ways, with the loss of their mother/wife, and all that it means to be without her.  It’s really well done, inspiring work.  I had a chance to speak with one of the stars of the show last week, and I’m excited to share with you the interview.  Cindy Busby, who you may have seen in Ashley Tisdale’s PICTURE THIS, plays Ashley Stanton, one of the rivals riders to the Fleming family.  She is one of our FACES TO WATCH and I hope that you find a way to tune into her show - read on to hear what she has to say.

MTOT: Jumping right in, tell me about HEARTLAND.
CB: HEARTLAND is based on a series of books written by Lauren Brook who is a British author.  It takes place with the main family, which is called the Fleming family.  It starts off when the mother dies.  Amy Fleming, who is a 15 year old girl, kind of takes on the ability that her mother had of healing horses that were abandoned or who were sick or don’t know how to act well.  She’s sort of like a horse whisperer but not exactly.  And I’m part of the
Stanton family, which is basically the rival family.  We’re the rich, competitive English riders.  It’s the story of our families coming together and fighting it out!

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The Phillies/Dodgers game kept me from watching the majority of last night’s TV.  I got to watch LIFE ON MARS, THE OFFICE, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, and ELEVENTH HOUR (I watched TESTEES and KATH & KIM, too, but didn’t really want to mentio them ha).  On tap for tonight and/or this weekend are GREY’S ANATOMY, UGLY BETTY, and SURVIVOR.

My thoughts on the shows that I did watch:

LIFE ON MARS:  I think Jason O’Mara is brilliant.  I love him, and I seriously hope that the numbers are big and support him.  I want this show to do well, and be a big hit for ABC!  Basic story for those of you who didn’t have time to catch it – Sam Tyler (O’Mara) is searching for a murderer in 2008; once his girlfriend Maya (Lisa Bonet) is kidnapped, he goes on a desperate hunt for her, and is hit by a car.  Being hit by a car somehow sends him back to 1973 (complete with awesome 70s style clothes).  Somehow, he ends up working a case at the local PD, and the rest, as they say is history. Yes, Sam wants to get back to 2008, but he’s going to make the most of 1973.  Sure, it’s a little clichéd, but  Gretchen Mol, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, and Jonathan Murphy are all great – can’t wait to tune in to next week’s episode!


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Time to take a little break from the work week and pass along what some of my friends are talking about this week!

Check them out, tell them I sent you!

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Big night on TV again - here’s what I’m watching.  What about you?

Tonight on PUSHING DAISIES, Chuck, Ned, and Emerson head to the Circus to solve a missing-persons case!  Olive is still at the nunnery, and she’s fantastic!


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Looking for a redesign

Send any ideas you have for a redesign of the site – the green is great, but I’m not sure I like the whole layout thing!

Shoot me an email!

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