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This just in from varying media outlets – ABC has picked up freshman comedies COUGARTOWN, MODERN FAMILY, and THE MIDDLE for the “back 9″ that all new series look for.

In other news – according to THR, NBC has apparently canceled one of my favorite shows from last year, BEFORE IT EVEN AIRED a second season episode – SOUTHLAND has wrapped production after 6 episodes!  More information to come…

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I know I’m all about the videos in the past few days, and I promise I’ll get to actual reviewing here shortly, but in the meantime, check out this lovely promo for what is sure to be my new favorite show, Joel McHale’s COMMUNITY:

I love this show – I’ve now watched the pilot 4 times, and every time, I find it funnier!  Don’t forget to become a fan of COMMUNITY on Facebook so you can watch the pilot in the next day or so!  Let me know what you think!

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MERLIN starts tonight!

I don’t know about you, but in general, I’m a  big fan of Arthurian legend.  The Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot and Guinevere, Merlin and the Sword in the Stone, etc.  So when I heard that NBC was going to air the BBC series called MERLIN, the teenage story of Arthur’s manservant, the warlock with destiny, I was really excited!  An idea taken from the SMALLVILLE creators that tells the backstory of these famous folks (King Uther, played by Anthony Stewart Head from BUFFY; Morgana, Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot), the show does a good job to set up the ultimate summer guilty pleasure.

For one hour each week, you can find yourself drawn into this world where dragon’s talk, serpents within swords are alive, and magic is as forbidden as it can be.  The first “series” ran for 13 episodes, the first of which airs tonight on NBC, and gives you insight into just how Merlin came to Camelot.  Next week’s episode is about the Knight Valiant and his sword from above.

Future episodes deal with a multitude of “demons of the week” type of stories, all culminating in an exciting season finale.  Is it the greatest thing I’ve seen related to Arthur?  No, that’s probably FIRST KNIGHT starring Richard Gere.  Bawled my eyes out…but it’s definitely worth at least a look-see!  In a completely made up rating system, it gets an A for effort, and a C+ for execution, with room to grow!

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NBC LOGOIt’s go time for NBC today – here’s where we stand!

FALL SCHEDULE (all weekdays 10-11pm, JAY LENO)

8-9pm HEROES
9-10pm  TRAUMA (new show)


8-9pm  PARENTHOOD (new show)
9-10pm  LAW & ORDER: SVU

8-8:30pm  SNL WEEKEND UPDATE THURSDAY / COMMUNITY (when SNL is done, new show)
9-9:30pm  THE OFFICE
9:30-1opm  COMMUNITY (new show) / 30 ROCK (when COMMUNITY moves)

8-9pm LAW & ORDER (the original, matching GUNSMOKE’s 20th season record)



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save-chuckThat’s right folks, the Save CHUCK campaign just may have helped our friends in the CIA, NSA, and the Buy More, score a 3rd season.  The official order is for 13 episodes (the better to create a brilliantly solid slew of episodes, I say), and a significant budget decrease.  No word about who is back, other than Zachary Levi (and probably Adam and Yvonne), but we’ll keep you posted as we hear more! 

Read more from my buddy Matt over at TV Guide!

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NBC announced their pick ups of new series for the Fall (no word, BTW, about Chuck yet, but I’m not giving up!).  Here is a bunch of featurettes of the shows – follow the links for more information!



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chris_prattAmy Poehler’s non-OFFICE-spinoff on NBC just cast another comic gem (alongside the already perfectly cast Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones) – sounds like mytakeontv favorite Chris Pratt (he of Bright Abbott of EVERWOOD fame) is joining the cast of PARKS AND RECREATION!  He’ll play Rashida’s unemployed musician boyfriend.  Check out the details from Ausiello here.

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lenoRumors are swirling that NBC is *this close* to signing a deal with Jay Leno for a 10PM nightly interview show.  From the sounds of it, this is expected to be almost a replica of his current late night show, airing at 11:35 every weekday. 

What does that mean for the current NBC landscape, in light of the various layoffs that we heard about today?  That eliminates 5 hours of programming every week!  While some people might cry foul on the part of NBC, I am in the “minority,” believing that this could actually turn out to work in their favor (since they don’t seem to have a very creative group of people doing the work these days).

Think about it – they don’t need to craft a show to replace MY OWN WORST ENEMY, or ER.  They can shuffle Wednesday nights – LIFE at 8, LAW & ORDER at 9 (to replace soon to be defunct KNIGHT RIDER).  The sure to be cancelled CRUSOE gives up its Friday at 10 slot.  The only show that might take issue is the almost always gruesome or full-of-scantily-clad-people SVU on Tuesdays. 

What are your thoughts on the rumor?  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Are you ready to see Leno take a little breather?

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Paul Drinkwater from Episode 206 "Did You Feel That?"

NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater from Episode 206

In a move that actually shows promise for (and NBC’s faith in) one of my favorite shows, LIFE, NBC has decided to move it to Wednesdays, sandwiched between new hit KNIGHT RIDER and established legacy LAW & ORDER on their new “Crime Night.” I think this could mean great things for LIFE.

Ratings loser LIPSTICK JUNGLE moves to Fridays at 10 (aka the death slot), effective this coming Friday night (I hate the thought of not seeing Robert Buckley on a weekly basis).

Follow the jump for NBC’s official press release for more information. (more…)

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It’s that time of year where we start marking our calendars (with pens in 5 different colors) with the premiere dates of our favorite network shows.  Here is an easy reference guide for what nights you should expect to see your returning favorites (after the jump).  New shows are in all caps (Except shows like NCIS, CSI, ER, etc.)


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