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I promised myself that I was not going to watch AMERICAN IDOL this season (as I do every year), and yet, here I am, excited about the top 24!  What about you?  Are you dying to know who is in?  Follow the jump for video of the Top 12 girls and Top 12 guys at their official AMERICAN IDOL photoshoot! (more…)


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Who is excited for Ellen to finally join the judging panel?  Doesn’t it feel like it’s been years since we started auditions for this season of AMERICAN IDOL?  Check out the latest promo and let us know who you think will make it through to the top 24 (and if you’ve read the spoilers out there, don’t spoil it for other folks ;))!

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David Cook - Photo Credit http://www.davidcookofficial.com

Of all the AMERICAN IDOLs over the  years, I think I’m most partial to the Season 7 champ, David Cook, the down to earth rocker with the growl we know and love.  When I was given the chance to chat with him for a bit about his part in this weekend’s new episode of EXTREME MAKOVER: HOME EDITION, I jumped at the opportunity.  Sunday’s episode features the EM:HO team helping the Cowan-Brown family, a group of people that David holds close to his heart.  Read on to learn a little bit more about David as we chat about how he got involved, what surprised him about being a part of the show, what his second album has in store for us, and what he’s been doing at his hotel in Vancouver!

How are you?
I’m fantastic!

Very excited to talk to you –
Oh, well likewise!

So we’re here to talk about EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION.  Tell me a little bit about how you got involved in this particular episode.
I was fortunate enough to get to meet the Cowan-Brown family before all of this.  I have family in a town very close to Bunker Hill, and they had brought the family to one of my shows, I got a chance to see them, and Kori kind of gave me the meat and potatoes version of her story, and I was really moved by it.  We tried to work something out to get involved.  Lo and behold, EXTREME MAKEOVER comes into play, and they reached out to us.  They somehow found out about the connection and asked if I wanted to be involved.  I really jumped at the chance.  I think it’s great what they do, for families who need it. (more…)

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