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The Deschanel girls talk BONES

I had a great chance to listen in on a conference call with BONES star Emily Deschanel and her sister Zooey, who guest stars in tonight’s all new episode as a long lost relative of Dr. Brennan, a woman named Margaret.  Their relationship seems very much like the relationship I have with my sister, so it’s always fun to listen to them chat!  Read on for some great information from them!

Of course, an obvious question would be what was it like working together as sisters?
Zooey:  It was fun.
Emily::  It was great; especially I think that first day was less hectic.  We had a scene.  It was just Ryan O’Neill and the two of us.  It was really nice.  It was great.  We’ve never worked together before, except for our own plays that we’ve done together, right?

Was it like a learning experience as far as did you guys learn anything about each other that you didn’t know before during the process?
Zooey: …..things about acting, wouldn’t you say?
Yes, right.
Zooey: I don’t know if I would say I learned anything.  But I definitely had a really good time.

Now so close to the holidays, is there a memorable Christmas that you two as sisters can look back on with fond memories, any traditions or anything?
Emily likes to sleep in on Christmas morning  and I like to wake up early, so Christmas was a day of compromise.
Yes, for sure.
I don’t know if there was any Christmas that comes to mind.  I know that we both love Christmas.
Emily: They all kind of blend together.
Zooey: Yes, exactly.  I think that Christmas is always used at any point in the year to cheer us up, like each other up.  We would use that to cheer each other up if we were in a sad mood or something, we’d just start talking about Christmas.  So we always have loved Christmas.  I don’t think there’s any particular Christmas that comes to mind. (more…)


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My favorite show this week, SONS OF ANARCHY Season Finale

Welcome to a week in review. Thankfully, it was a rather slow week, with a lot of big shows going into repeats, so I really had time to focus on some quality TV!  It’s a long read, so take caution as you  jump in, and be careful of spoilers if you haven’t seen something this week!

SUNDAY, November 29

THE AMAZING RACE is really starting to pick up steam as it heads towards the end.  At this point, I would be surprised if Meghan and Cheyne didn’t win in the finale, but the luck that Brian and Ericka have had and Sam and Dan’s ability to stay right in the raace could be total upsets.  It’s a shame that the Globetrotters took the 4 hour penalty in last week’s episode.  There are only so many combinations of the letters Z, R, N, A, and F, especially knowing that it started with an F, thanks to the brother’s help.  I would never have taken the 4 hour penalty, no matter how frustrating it was!  Maybe if I was actually in the race, and under the pressure, I would change my mind, but I doubt it!  Anyway, at this point, I don’t mind seeing any of the top three folks take the prize!

Talk about about ramping up to an amazing finale – DEXTER Season 4 has been completely on fire, am I right?  So many twists and turns.  With Dex figuring out the latest twist in Arthur’s seriously effed up world, that he kills 10 year old boys first, and then finishes the cycle.  Creepier than creepy, if you ask me.  And then there’s Christine.  I have to admit, I started thinking she was up to no good right around the time she stole information from Quinn, but I never would have guessed that she had shot Deb, never! Speaking of Quinn – I am suddenly shipping Deb/Quinn and I hope that that doesn’t mean we’ll see the end of Harrington’s Quinn in the finale!  I’m so over the whole Rita thing.  SO over it.  Part of me really thinks that Arthur will kill Dex’s family, giving him something to do in Season 5, get revenge, or go off the deep end or something genius like that.  According to an interview with Jennifer Carpenter on E!, the finale will have us asking “What can’t they do next” instead of “What can they possibly do next” so that should be insane.  Cannot wait to see what happens next!

Is CALIFORNICATION becoming the most depressing show on the planet?  I think it is, but for some reason, this season is my favorite.  Hank Moody is the most dysfunctional person in the world, yet women throw themselves at him.  I’m over Kathleen Turner, I’m over Rick Springfield, and I’m interested to see what happens with Hank and Karen.  I’ve heard from some friends that the finale is depressing, but that’s just par for the course, so we’ll see what happens in the next 2 eps! (more…)

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Don’t miss BONES tonight!

BonesBONES kind of left half of their viewership feeling very cold about the season finale that totally would have worked as a middle of the season show, but which wasn’t very season finale-ish.  But I have to say that I’ve decided to forgive and forget over the summer, and I can’t wait for tonight’s all new Season 5 premiere! Click on the above picture and check out a video I think you’re all going to want to see!

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bones_GroupOffice_rjwFV22We’re coming up on the Fall Season, and I know that BONES is very near the top of my list for shows I’m most excited to see.  Here are some lovely promo shots of the cast we know and love! Follow the jump for more! (more…)

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Check out the Comic-Con clip reel that BONES creator Hart Hanson and star Emily Deschanel shared with fans at Comic Con 2009!

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The Up Fronts for the main five networks start tomorrow, and here’s a look where we stand, starting with FOX.  Stay tuned Monday for their official fall schedule.  In the meantime, here is what we know going into the big week –

FOX logo

First things first, let’s get some renewals out of the way –

  • BONES has been renewed (after what seems like forever), and not just for season 5, but season 6!
  • LIE TO ME is coming back for season 2 – 13 episodes.
  • FRINGE will have a full season 2!!  So excited to see what they do next!
  • DOLLHOUSE is coming back for a 13 episode 2nd season.
  • Summer favorite SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will air a 6th season in the fall!!

They’ve reportedly given pick up orders to a handful of new shows, too –

  • HUMAN TARGET, starring Mark Valley, Chi McBride, and Jackie Earle Haley – a show based on the DC Comic of the same name, about Christopher Chance, a man who becomes a human target, tackling hostage situations, murders for hire, etc.
  • SONS OF TUCSON, starring Tyler Labine (this show is actually second to his REAPER commitment, should that come back) – the show about three kids who hire a hustler (Labine) to play their father, while their real dad is in white-collar prison.
  • PAST LIFE – a team of investigators use clients’ past lives to solve their cases.
  • BROTHER, starring Michael Strahan – about a brother who comes home from the NFL to hang around his brother, the brother that never made it into the NFL!  Has “classic” written all over it. <–sarcasm.

Nothing official yet, but it’s being reported that TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES has been cancelled, and the studio has stopped shopping it around.  I don’t want to say that’s 100% until I hear the word from the network…but it sounds final.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tonight’s the season finale of BONES and I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to this season.  What shouldn’t have worked (rotating interns to replace Zach) worked beautifully, and the tension and admiration that grew between Booth and Bones was fantastic.  With everything that is scheduled to happen tonight (in an episode “with a twist”), I’m looking more forward to this than any other Thursday night show (including THE OFFICE).

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