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I had to laugh at this clip from last night’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. I love the show, but I also have trouble explaining it sometimes!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Part of me takes a little offense to it, because really, it’s one of my favorite shows on TV, and I hate when people make fun of stuff I like, but it’s funny!


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Among the many reasons you need to tune into tonight’s all new episode of BURN NOTICE is the highly anticipated CAGNEY AND LACEY reunion of Sharon Gless and her old co-worked Tyne Daly!  In tonight’s all new episode, Michael and Fiona (who is still recovering from the gun shot wound she suffered in the finale) help a widow who is investigating the insurance claim from her husband’s death.  Naturally, Sam helps out, and Madeline finds herself unwittingly drawn into the process.

In “what happened why was I burned” news – Michael investigates some fiery leads into who pushed his agency contact, Diego, out the window in the finale.  BURN NOTICE is one of my favorite shows on TV and I’m happy to say that the new premiere did not disappoint.  Oh and that final scene between Michael and Madeline?  GENIUS work – it was fierce writing, acting, you name it!  It’s appointment viewing for me, and I hope that everyone else plans to check it out, too!

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So I am here in San Diego, but the fun times have taken over and my interest in posting time has been on the low end.  I’ll leave you with some pics from Day 1!

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bn prize packLast year, right about this time, I spent some time on the set of BURN NOTICE and it skyrocketed to the top all my favorite show lists.  I am SO excited to give you all the opportunity to win a fantastic prize pack from our friends at USA!  Now is your chance to win a BURN NOTICE tote bag filled with amazing goodies:  Season 1 on DVD, Season 2 on DVD (what a perfect way to get caught up in time for the premiere), a BURN NOTICE frisbee, a BURN NOTICE suntan lotion pack, a BURN NOTICE t-shirt, and a BURN NOTICE novel.

Need a refresher?  Starting June 4, BURN NOTICE is back at an all new time, 9pm/8c!  Season 3 picks up right where season 2 left off with Michael swimming in the Atlantic.  Michael emerges from the water free from interference by the organization that burned him.  He’s not under their protection, either, and is under investigation by the police.  He gets out of prison with the help from his old friend, who has a job for him:  extraditing a thug who’s displacing landownersin a Latin American country.  Join fans on the official site www.burnnotice.usanetwork.com and on Facebook www.facebook.com/BurnNotice.

How to enter:
Watch the following trailer and tell me who your favorite member of the BURN NOTICE team is, and why?  Is it Michael because he seems to know everything?  Fi, for the same reason?  Sam, because he’s just the greatest friend ever?  Marilyn, because she’s really running the show?  What about Nate, the struggling younger brother?  Let us know!

The winner will be notified on June 12, the day after the thrilling second episode airs – don’t forget to watch BURN NOTICE’s 3rd season premiere on Thursday, June 4 at 9PM, 8Central!

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jeffreyThe 2nd season finale of BURN NOTICE airs tonight on USA and it’s fantastic!  Action packed, great acting by everyone involved.  Surprises, and gun fights, and Michael Weston being the coolest, smoothest mother-frakker in Miami.  In tonight’s all new finale, the Michael and Carla interaction comes full circle, and Michael gets prepared to face off with her bosses.  Jeffrey Donovan had some time to chat with a group of my blog buddies and I wanted to pass along what we talked about  – he really is one of my favorite people to talk to, listen to, be around (okay, it was that one time, on the set, but we ate the same food, so I totally think we’re kindreds).

Read on, but spoilerphobes beware – though Jeff did his best to avoid spoiling anything, there are some giveaways about tonight’s new episode hidden throughout!

CC:  So obviously, you know, the relationship between Michael and Carla picked up a lot this season; they were starting to get a little bit chummier. I understand Tricia is not going to be back for next season so could you tell us a little bit about her final appearances and what kind of closure we maybe can expect from the two characters?
Jeffrey Donovan: Well, you know, I think it’s no surprise that Carla and Michael were going to eventually be in each other’s crosshairs. And in the final episode literally that happens. Without giving too much away the eventual outcome was necessary. What’s going to happen is that she gets basically – she has powers above her that control her and she basically relies on Michael to save her butt at the end. And he tries but it doesn’t go as well as expected for her.


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matt-nixIn anticipation of BURN NOTICE’s mid-season premiere tonight on USA, I had the chance to listen in to a conference call with one of my favorite people, creator Matt Nix.  He’s so relaxed and always funny, whether he means to be or not – I love getting a peak into the mind of a TV writer.   Read on to hear what Matt has to say about this season, next season, and everything in between!

The first question I had for you, what does the success of a show like this mean to you as a show runner?  What does it mean to have a show that’s so successful and so, I guess, just well received by the audience?

Well, I guess in terms of the job, the sort of day-to-day of it, not much actually.  I find, like I sort of – you know, people ask me, like, how has your life changed?  And really it’s sort of, I come into the office every day, and then I work for a really long time, and then I go home.  But I mean the truth is, it was always a really fun process, and it still is.  But really, like, kind of the best thing about it is all of your friends from high school call you.

And just all the people getting in touch with you and, you know, I think that for a lot of people on the show, oddly and nobody expected this, but everybody comments on it and how kind of weirdly unexpected and mildly spooky it is.  Everybody says to us, oh, your show is the only show that my daughter watches with her grandmother or – its people have this sort of family thing about it, and in a funny kind of way, that’s the most gratifying because it’s totally not something we expected, and having it well received in that way, I don’t know.  It’s not like I sat down to do a family spy show, but I guess it turned out that way. (more…)

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calendarIt’s about that time to start gearing up for the spring half of the season.  Some of my faves have released some important dates to put on your calendars:

  • USA – MONK and PSYCH are back on January 9 at 9 and 10, respectively (a Friday).
  • USA – BURN NOTICE returns (I’ve missed you Michael Weston) on January 22 at 10 (a Thursday).
  • SciFi – GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL comes back on January 7 at 9 (a Wednesday).
  • SciFi – STARGATE ATLANTIS ends forever and season 1 of SANCTUARY closes on January 9 at 9 and 10, respectively (a Friday).
  • SciFi – The beginning of the end of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA premieres January 16 at 9 (a Friday).  Don’t miss the half hour ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS show with all you need to learn about BSG on January 11 (a Sunday).  The websides will likely air on January 15 (a Thursday) during an airing of PITCH BLACK.
  • SciFi – INVASION and MOONLIGHT fans – your cancelled series will air at 8 and 9 in reruns on Fridays starting January 23.
  • SciFi – My buddies Grant and Jason (and the rest of the TAPS team) on GHOST HUNTERS have a special Super Bowl themed episode airing January 28 at 9 (a Wednesday).
  • Showtime – SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL (season 2), THE UNITED STATES OF TARA (series premiere), and THE L WORD (final season) all begin on January 18 (a Sunday).
  • HBO – We finally get a new season of BIG LOVE and season 2 of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS on January 18 (a Sunday).
  • FOX – 24 premieres over 2 nights (four big hours) starting January 11 (a Sunday) and ending January 12 (a Monday)

Also coming in the Spring?  DAMAGES, BREAKING BAD, THE CLOSER, NIP/TUCK, and TRUST ME (a new Eric McCormack/Tom Cavanaugh show on TNT).

Add to that FOX’s new drama LIE TO ME (coming soon) and hopefully their new comedy from NIP/TUCK creator, Ryan Murphy, GLEE.

We’ll also have LEVERAGE throughout the winter on TNT. 

So tell me, are you all stoked?

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