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The networks begin their efforts to counter-program the Olympics over on NBC and tonight, FOX rolls out four new episodes of their Animation Domination block.  Check out the previews!

Which FOX animated comedy are you looking forward to watching?

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So FOX, Winter Shoot

Check out this video from FOX with the stars of their Winter and Spring shows coming together for a great photo shoot!

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We all heard the news last month that FOX had shut down production on their latest midseason replacement series PAST LIFE, starring a bunch of people you might not recognize and that guy from THE WEST WING that you might (Richard Schiff).  What started as a 13 episode order was quickly shortened to 7, with FOX stating that they simply didn’t have the schedule space to air all 13 (which is true).

Reliable sources close to the show now say that FOX isn’t planning to air any of the episodes of the series and that those of us who saw the pilot won’t get a chance to see anything past that.  Interesting turn of events in what’s been an incredibly unpredictable first half of the season!

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bones_GroupOffice_rjwFV22We’re coming up on the Fall Season, and I know that BONES is very near the top of my list for shows I’m most excited to see.  Here are some lovely promo shots of the cast we know and love! Follow the jump for more! (more…)

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I’m actually really excited for the majority of the shows starting on FOX in the fall – check out this behind the scenes video of a photoshoot with some of our faves!!

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A funny thing happened to me this summer when I watched the pilot for THE CLEVELAND SHOW, a show I was positive I was going to hate.  I laughed.  Often and sometimes out loud.  I wanted to share an exclusive clip from the show – it’s Cleveland and the religious bear named Tim (who is married to the bear that Arianna Huffington voices)!

Who is excited about this series?

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Cory MonteithIt’s GLEE day on FOX – can you stand it?  GLEE is the story of a Spanish teacher, Will Scheuster (Broadway’s Matthew Morrison) who takes over for Sandy Ryerston, who was forced out after some allegations of impropriety.  What happens over the next hour, in an effort to not over hype this show, is one of the greatest hours of TV I’ve seen in a long time. 

Though the club is full of misfits and outcasts that can really sing, when Will hears Finn (played by the lovely Cory Monteith) singing in the locker room, he puts a plan in motion that requires Finn to join the club, in an effort to have the “cool kids” soon follow.  Spring Awakening’s Lea Michele is brilliant in the role of Rachel Berry, and she blows everyone out of the water with her pipes. 

At the heart, this show is a little bit dark, and sad, but charmingly delightful all in one!  I had the chance to talk to Cory Monteith over the weekend for a little insight into his character!

What about the character of Finn made you want to play him?
Finn has a sort of honest affability that is really nice to play, and the comedy that comes from his “athletic mind” is usually hilarious! (more…)

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