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Dilshad, Amrie, Scott

So if you’ve been following me on Twitter or know me at all, you know that a little over a month ago, I had the incredible opportunity (thanks to Daniel at The TV Addict and the folks at ABC Family) to visit the set of GREEK.  Along for the trip were Kath, Rae, Daniel, the team from ABC Family, the wonderful creator Sean Smith, the stunningly beautiful Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca Logan), and the most awesome Scott Michael Foster (CAPPIE!)!

In honor of another fantstic episode of the show, and as we near the end of the season, I wanted to share Part 1 of a three part series of interviews from the set.  After a tour through the set, with Sean, Dilshad, and Scott giving us little details, we settled down in the backyard of the Kappa Tau house for some one on one time!  Scott and I vegged out on a ratty old sofa and talked what’s coming up, why people watch the show, and where he stands on the Cappie with Casey relationship!

I was just saying that this is one of the only shows that my sister and I sit down and talk about and love .  One of our common bonds.

And I think that it totally resonates with people.  What is it about this show that makes people love it so much?
I have no idea [laughs].  I don’t know.  Honestly, for me, doing the show from the pilot, and season by season, and hearing that people still love it and watch it, and the numbers keep growing, (more…)


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jesse-mccartneyTonight’s all new GREEK is the first of 6 episodes with guest star Jesse McCartney as Andy, the blue blooded pledge that Evan is dying to have on his team at Omega Chi.  It sounds like Andy may not want all the pressure of being an OX, and may end up trying his hand at some Kappa Tau fraternization!

Jesse had a few minutes to chat the other day, and we talked about what to expect when he joins the ranks of our favorite Cypress Rhodes students!

I’ve seen the first episode, and I love how easily you fit in!
The cast made it really easy for me to jump in there and be a part of the show.

It’s almost like you had always been a background cast member, and they brought you on for a bigger role this year!  Why did you want to play this character?
ABC called me, and said, would you be interested?  I had seen a couple episodes, and I’d always thought the show was really, really good, and maybe sometimes overlooked by people.  I noticed that the acting, especially, the whole cast.  The characters were really great.  They sent me a couple scripts, and said, this is the character.  I really connected with it.  I thought it would be great.  I hadn’t really done comedy like this for a long period of time, over like an arc of 6 episodes.  I really wanted to sort of dive into it, and have fun with it.  Sort of have it be my first time playing a college student.  I think that is sort of appropriate given that I’d be graduating college, and most of my fans are in college now.  It really struck me as something fun.

That’s funny that you mention playing a college student.  One of the first scenes, we see you holding a beer, it’s like Oh my gosh, Jesse is playing more grown up, which suited you well!
Thank you!  Like I said, it was definitely a big step for me, in the acting world, too.  The overall look of it, people are hopefully seeing me in a different light than what they originally perceived.

My last question, what can we expect throughout your arc on the show?
A lot of dramedy.  The first couple of episodes, you see me sort of getting used to, adjusting to the college life as a freshman, and I’m very green to the whole fraternity thing.  And then, over the next few, I get a little cockier, a little more comfortable.  There’s a love triangle that gets interesting.  It’s everything you want.  That show does, for me at least, as an audience, as a viewer, everything you want a show to do.  The ups, the downs, makes you laughs, the strong drama that you get out of it, too.  It’s a really entertaining show, and I’m looking forward to hearing the fans’ reaction!

I think it’ll be a good reaction.  I’ve seen the first episode, and I look forward to more!
Thank you!

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spencer-grammer1GREEK returns tonight on ABC Family with an all new cycle of episodes.  The first episode back is big with the funny, and the dramatic, and is one of my favorites so far!  Casey is back from her internship in DC, and she’s holding onto some secrets from her summer.  Rusty is an active in the KT house, and he’s got some living space problems.  We find out quickly which sorority (ZBZ or IKI) Rebecca chose, and why, and there’s movement made in many different relationships and friendships as the first hour goes on.  Look for new recruit Jesse McCartney to cause some more problems between KT and OX, as well. 

In celebration of the season premiere tonight, I spent some time talking with Casey Cartwright herself, the lovely Spencer Grammer, who is as excited about the show as we are!

I’m loving Greek – one of the only shows that my sister and I sit down and have to watch together, so I’m very excited to have it back!
That’s awesome.  I’m glad to hear that.  I love hearing that, it’s so cool!

You’ve gotten to play Casey for a while now; what are some of your favorite things about her?
I love that she’s a good person who is always messing up, and trying to do the right thing, and it always turns out wrong.  I love that she’s always like confused about who she is, or who she wants to be, or the right guy for her.  But she’s always, like, on that path.  Always struggling to figure it out.  I love that about her. (more…)

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It’s hard to believe we’re only up to Season 2 of GREEK!  So much happened on this show in the first season that it’s hard to fathom where they’re going to take us in Season 2.  I had the fantastic opportunity to check out tonight’s season premiere and I am so excited about what’s in store for our favorites this year! 

Mild spoilers for what’s in store this season after the jump!


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GREEK Season 2 Photos


I have had the chance to see the season premiere of one of my favorite shows – GREEK – and I promise you will not be disappointed.  I’ll have a full review in preparation for the premiere next Tuesday, but I wanted to pass along some photos to hold you over in the meantime!  Big thanks to my favorites at New Media Strategies and ABC Family for passing on the pics!

Follow the link for the lovelies!


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Is Lauren Conrad heading to Cypress Rhodes in the fall?

Yes, according Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, who says in his latest post that THE HILLS’ star Conrad will join the cast of GREEK for one episode, playing Casey’s best friend in a dream sequence. 

For the full story, be sure to click on over to Ausiello here!


PS Don’t forget to tune into the season premiere of THE HILLS on August 18 at 10 on MTV!

PPS Don’t forget to tune into the season premiere of GREEK on August 26 at 9 on ABC Family!

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