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After a special CHARLIE BROWN VALENTINE tonight on ABC, be sure that you check out three all new genius half hours of family comedy –

Up first on THE MIDDLE, it’s Valentine’s Day and the Hecks are celebrating in style.  Axel’s got huge plans, Sue has her first boy/girl party, and Brick is invited to sleepover at the cat boy’s house!  I could not stop laughing throughout the whole episode, and it quickly elevated the show even higher on my list of favorites.  Check out an all new preview:

Following THE MIDDLE, tune into an all new Valentine’s Day episode of MODERN FAMILY.  David Brenner appears as himself when Jay takes Gloria to a comedy show for VDay.  Cameron and Mitchell decide to set Manny up on a date, and as you can see in this preview clip, Phil and Claire decide to spice up their love life for the holiday!

COUGARTOWN is next and I have to say that I love this show a little bit more every time I watch it!  Barry Bostwick guest stars as Smith’s father – and her friendship with Andy gets thrown into the mix.  Jules turns to Grayson when she needs back up companionship on Valentine’s Day and he surprises her with a nice gesture.  Jules and Bobby debate letting Travis attend a party where there will be alcohol – any story featuring Travis is immediate win! Check out an all new preview clip:


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You guys, seriously, is there a funnier brand new comedy this season than ABC’s MODERN FAMILY?  Every single episode of the show has me laughing out loud at least once, and for my money, one of the funniest cast members is the genius Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron.  In tonight’s all new episode, Cameron dresses up as Fizbo the clown for Luke’s birthday party, and as one can only imagine, hilarity definitely ensues!  I had a chance to speak with Eric last week about what’s coming up so check out a few minutes with Eric, and be sure to watch tonight’s all new episode at 9PM on ABC!

I’m very excited to talk to you – I have to say, I love the show!  Love it, love it!
Oh thank you!

What’s coming up, what can we expect in the next couple of episodes?
Well we had Liz Banks and Edward Norton where Liz Banks plays our best friend Sal, and she’s very jealous of not just the baby, but she’s specifically jealous of Lily, and that turns into some really funny stuff.  We have the Fizbo episode, where it’s revealed that Cameron used to be a clown and he brings back his clown character one more time for a birthday party, which is based off of my experience as a kid.  I wanted to be a clown, and that’s how I sort of expressed my desire to perform very early on in my age.  We have the Christmas episode, which is going to be great!  It’s very heartwarming and spirited.  It’s about forgiveness.  Just a lot of stuff.  I gotta tell you!  A lot of really funny stuff.  What’s really great is that people are loving the show right now, and what we as actors and producers and writers on the show know is that we have 5 episodes shot that are just fantastic.

I love everything that I’ve seen, and you always expect or worry about something that falters, but it hasn’t, and I don’t think it’s going to!
That’s just a testament to our leaders, Steve and Chris, and our writers.  We have a writing room that’s full of showrunners.  We have people that are qualified all to have their own shows.  It’s the state of the business right now that we’re fortunate enough to have those guys!  We have very gifted, skilled people crafting that.  For myself, I’ve learned a true appreciation of what writers do and how it’s just so not about a line here, a line there.  It’s about story, and character building, an arc, it’s just fantastic to watch.  Without jinxing us, with the staff we have in place, and the talented actors on the show, I don’t think we’re going to falter!

You can tell just through even reading Twitter streams, you all seem to really get along as a cast, outside of the show, too!
We all had our journey with this part, with each of our own parts, all of us had our specific little journey, expect Jesse loves to rub it in everybody’s face that he got his part very easily [laughs], but we all had our journey in this business.  We’ve all had varying degrees of success.  We’re all normal, regular, very humble-grounded people, who come from pretty similar backgrounds.  Ty is just a good old guy from Pacific Northwest, Jesse is from Albuquerque, I’m from Kansas, we’re all just regular people who’ve had enough time in the business to ride the big wave, and understand that there’s going to be ups and downs and really appreciate an up when it happens, and that’s what we happen to be on right now, so we’re all very thankful for that.

You mentioned Liz Banks, and of course Edward Norton.  The show is attracting the guest stars, Minnie Driver, now we hear about Fred Willard, and of course Shelley (Long).  Is there anyone that you would love to see come on the show that you think would fit perfectly?
I think there’s a lot of people of varying degrees of fame.  Being in the comedy world, I have a lot of friends who I feel like are deserving of being on the show.  I just did a read today with an actor named Andrew Daly who I go way back with, who was in the Will Ferrell basketball movie, and I said, oh my god, you gotta be on the show, I would love it if you played Cameron and Mitchell’s friend.  It’s the producers job to attract the famous people, and we have a great casting director who is always going to give actors that have been working hard in our business a shot to get a part.  We have a great actor who is on the Christmas episode, named Brian Finney, who plays a Santa Claus in the mall.  He’s a theatre actor, stage actor, he’s been doing it for a long time.  I love it because, that’s me, I just happen to have a job right now, and I’m on a TV show.  Last year, I was out there beating the pavement, trying to get a job, so I have an appreciation for all that, and that’s who I want to be on the show!

That’s it for me today – thank you again!
Thank you so much – hope you continue to enjoy it!!


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This song was the perfect cap to an awesome episode of MODERN FAMILY – check it out and good luck getting it out of your head!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Check out a spoilerific sneak peek from tonight’s brilliant episode of MODERN FAMILY, guest starring one of my favorites (um, hello TROOP BEVERLY HILLS), Shelley Long as Jay’s ex wife.  The episode, called “The Incident,” is solid and hilarious.  I hope that this show continues to find a way to bring the family together because some of my favorite scenes are when they’re all together.  I particularly like the musical interlude at the end!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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After a brand new DANCING WITH THE STARS results show, check out brand new comedies MODERN FAMILY and COUGARTOWN, along with brand new drama EASTWICK.  Check out some sneak previews, and let us know tomorrow what you think!

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JTF 1In my reading of scripts and watching of pilots for the new shows this season, one of the comedies stood out among the others as the one that needs to be watched by everyone I know and everyone I don’t know because it’s genius.  That show, MODERN FAMILY created by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, finally premieres tonight on ABC and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!  Told as a mockumentary, focusing on what the new “modern family” is and starring Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, along with a brilliant cast of others, the show feels like something we’ve never seen, but so familiar and welcome at the same time.  Among the many names you might recognize is Jesse Tyler Ferguson (THE CLASS), who stood out as one of my favorite things about the pilot (and there are so many things in this show that I loved, so that’s huge).  He had some time to chat with me late last week about the show, what to expect, why you’ll love it, and the surreal moment involving a dog and Diane Chambers.

How are you today?
I’m good.  I saw your tweet!

Did you?
I just discovered the search button on Twitter, and it’s a dangerous thing!

Eric (Stonestreet, Jesse’s partner on the show) replied to my call for questions, telling me to ask you about your BeeBee….
He told me he was going to ask you that.  We call each other Beebees.  Kind of like that Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachay were very clingy to one another in that show, and they always called each other BeeBee and it’s sort of been adopted!

I have to say, I’m so excited for this show – I think I’ve seen the pilot like 8 times now, because I can’t stop watching it
Oh nice!

I can’t wait for a second episode!  For people who haven’t been so lucky, how are you describing the show?
Well, I’m sort of describing it as a cross between a Christopher Guest sitcom, well, basically a Christopher Guest sitcom, family sitcom.  I think people try to hard to be like “oh it’s kind of like THE OFFICE, it’s kind of like ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT” but it’s really unlike anything that’s been on TV. It’s its own thing. It’s incredibly smart, it reveals many surprises.  I’m such a fan of the show. (more…)

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