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Spring Premiere dates

spring-calendarWith a huge thank you going out to my new friend Nathan over at TV Mad Man, you can now find all of the Premiere Dates for spring shows, and when your favorites will be returning, on the right column of the site!


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calendarIt’s about that time to start gearing up for the spring half of the season.  Some of my faves have released some important dates to put on your calendars:

  • USA – MONK and PSYCH are back on January 9 at 9 and 10, respectively (a Friday).
  • USA – BURN NOTICE returns (I’ve missed you Michael Weston) on January 22 at 10 (a Thursday).
  • SciFi – GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL comes back on January 7 at 9 (a Wednesday).
  • SciFi – STARGATE ATLANTIS ends forever and season 1 of SANCTUARY closes on January 9 at 9 and 10, respectively (a Friday).
  • SciFi – The beginning of the end of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA premieres January 16 at 9 (a Friday).  Don’t miss the half hour ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS show with all you need to learn about BSG on January 11 (a Sunday).  The websides will likely air on January 15 (a Thursday) during an airing of PITCH BLACK.
  • SciFi – INVASION and MOONLIGHT fans – your cancelled series will air at 8 and 9 in reruns on Fridays starting January 23.
  • SciFi – My buddies Grant and Jason (and the rest of the TAPS team) on GHOST HUNTERS have a special Super Bowl themed episode airing January 28 at 9 (a Wednesday).
  • Showtime – SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL (season 2), THE UNITED STATES OF TARA (series premiere), and THE L WORD (final season) all begin on January 18 (a Sunday).
  • HBO – We finally get a new season of BIG LOVE and season 2 of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS on January 18 (a Sunday).
  • FOX – 24 premieres over 2 nights (four big hours) starting January 11 (a Sunday) and ending January 12 (a Monday)

Also coming in the Spring?  DAMAGES, BREAKING BAD, THE CLOSER, NIP/TUCK, and TRUST ME (a new Eric McCormack/Tom Cavanaugh show on TNT).

Add to that FOX’s new drama LIE TO ME (coming soon) and hopefully their new comedy from NIP/TUCK creator, Ryan Murphy, GLEE.

We’ll also have LEVERAGE throughout the winter on TNT. 

So tell me, are you all stoked?

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It’s that time of year where we start marking our calendars (with pens in 5 different colors) with the premiere dates of our favorite network shows.  Here is an easy reference guide for what nights you should expect to see your returning favorites (after the jump).  New shows are in all caps (Except shows like NCIS, CSI, ER, etc.)


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