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Just because ABC doesn’t want them, doesn’t mean I don’t.  Watch tonight’s episode of PUSHING DAISIES and show your support for whatever they’ve got left to give!


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gravestoneI was a bit too sad to talk about this yet yesterday afternoon when I heard the news that, officially, the “back-9 options” for 3 of ABC’s most interesting and well done shows were not picked up.  Yes, folks, we will only get 13 episodes of PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, and ELI STONE this season.  That is, if we see them all. 

And that’s not to say I didn’t see this coming, but still.  It sucks, because they are some serious can’t miss TV shows.  What will I do without my Frere Piemaker fix each week?

PUSHING DAISIES creator (and genius man) Bryan Fuller is telling people like E!’s Kristin Dos Santos that he’s looking for options to finish the series in a comic book or movie format!  I would totally be first in line for either!

What’s your take?

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Fred Willard and Chi McBride

Fred Willard and Chi McBride

There are favorite shows and there are favorite actors and when they come together, it’s always a treat!  Fred Willard has been on my list of “faves” since before I can remember, so when I heard he was guesting on my favorite series PUSHING DAISIES, it was natural that I’d want to chat with him about the part!  As luck would have it, I had the great chance earlier this week to talk about his role on the show, how great the people he got to work with are, and why people aren’t watching quality TV anymore!

Amrie: You’re one of my favorite people ever!
Fred:  Oh how nice!

Jumping right in, tell me about “Oh Oh Oh, It’s Magic” and your character, the Great Herrmann.
I play a Houdini like character.  I’m a magician and escape artist.  I’m very flamboyant, very over the top.  I call them in to investigate the fact that someone is killing my pets in the act.  My monkey, my doves.  I ask them in to investigate.  My big trick is that I put myself in a box, and my assistant covers the box with cement and sand.  As these things turn out on television, one time it goes wrong and that’s where the plot comes in.  It was a lot of fun.  They put me through anything.  Teaching me magic tricks, and dressing me up, and putting on makeup, throwing me in a box and putting cement on me.  I would love to do one like this again.  It was not a role that you get a chance to do too often. (more…)

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fred-willardI have the opportunity to talk to one of my favorite actors on the planet in preparation for his guest starring turn on my favorite network television show!

Fred Willard is on PUSHING DAISIES on Wednesday 11/19, playing The Great Herrmann in a magic-themed episode called “Oh Oh Oh…It’s Magic.”

Do you have any questions you want Fred to answer?

The Piemaker (good friends of the site) has more information about the episode!

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I’m not sure what I need to do to get you guys to pay attention to this amazing show.  Please watch PUSHING DAISIES tonight. And tell your friends to watch.  KNIGHT RIDER got a full season.  It doesn’t need any more viewers right now.  I’m a little desperate!

Follow everything that goes on with ABC on their PUSHING DAISIES twitter: http://twitter.com/ABCPieHole

After the jump, some slightly spoilery info about tonight’s episode, titled “Frescorts.” (more…)

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I beg of you, please turn KNIGHT RIDER off tonight and put the mesmerizing PUSHING DAISIES on.  There is nothing better than this show right now – tonight’s episode, and the mystery, and the love, and the tears, it’s brilliant – please watch!  I’m begging here, folks!

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some PUSHING DAISIES.  Everything about it from the brilliant cast, to the storylines, to the direction, the cinematography, the singing, the animals, just everything about the show has me sitting like a goof with a giant grin on my face week after week. This week’s episode, titled “Circus, Circus,” finds Ned, Emerson, and Chuck searching for a missing teenager after her mother (played by personal fave Rachael Harris ) hunts Emerson down.  In other news, racked with guilt, Lily heads to the nunnery to chat with Olive.

Having had the chance to meet the cast (at Comic Con this summer or over the phone last week with Swoosie Kurtz), I want nothing more than for this show to thrive.  Lee Pace, the charming Piemaker who can bring things back to life with one touch, had some time to chat with me (on my birthday, no less), to talk about what we both think of this season, what we should expect throughout the year, and why you should tune in!

AM: I have seen the first three episodes, and I’m just in love with the show. I’ve been in love with the show since minute one.
LEE: Oh good, what do you think of the second season? Do you think it’s coming together?

The words I’m using to describe it so far are brilliant, and lovely. Every good word you can imagine to describe it, I’m using.
Oh good, thanks. That’s good. I really love how this season is. It’s different from the first season in a lot of ways, I think Bryan really found his stride, coming back from the strike this year.


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