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We all heard the news last month that FOX had shut down production on their latest midseason replacement series PAST LIFE, starring a bunch of people you might not recognize and that guy from THE WEST WING that you might (Richard Schiff).  What started as a 13 episode order was quickly shortened to 7, with FOX stating that they simply didn’t have the schedule space to air all 13 (which is true).

Reliable sources close to the show now say that FOX isn’t planning to air any of the episodes of the series and that those of us who saw the pilot won’t get a chance to see anything past that.  Interesting turn of events in what’s been an incredibly unpredictable first half of the season!


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90210Them’s the rumors that are making their way through the blogisphere this morning – according to EW’s Michael Ausiello, Milligan’s contract option for Season 2 has not been picked up.  All signs point to him being moved from series regular to recurring guest star.  We all know how that worked out for Jessica Walter.  Apparently, when Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair took over the reins, she intended to actually make a difference.  My only hope is that Milligan’s departure means less focus on Annie (I’m feeling like an end of season 2 departure for the girl from the MidWest wouldn’t be a terrible idea.  Look at how the early departure of Brenda Walsh helped the original), and more focus on Navid and Adrianna.

Your thoughts on the (not yet official, but probably pretty done deal) ouster of Millgan?

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george-omalley-photoLots of rumors continue to swirl around the semi-revolving door of cast members over at GREY’S ANATOMY.  Ausiello and Kristin are both posting blind items about shows that are firing their cast members, and most of the guesses have to do with GREY’S, but in something of a shocker, it sounds like T.R. Knight, the George O’Malley we used to know and love, is negotiating his exit from the series that made him a household name.

Ausiello’s story is here.  This coupled with Dr. Hahn’s abrupt exit and Katherine Heigl’s intense interest in saying good bye – GREY’S is becoming a crazy bundle of rumors and controversy! What is your take on the situation?

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lenoRumors are swirling that NBC is *this close* to signing a deal with Jay Leno for a 10PM nightly interview show.  From the sounds of it, this is expected to be almost a replica of his current late night show, airing at 11:35 every weekday. 

What does that mean for the current NBC landscape, in light of the various layoffs that we heard about today?  That eliminates 5 hours of programming every week!  While some people might cry foul on the part of NBC, I am in the “minority,” believing that this could actually turn out to work in their favor (since they don’t seem to have a very creative group of people doing the work these days).

Think about it – they don’t need to craft a show to replace MY OWN WORST ENEMY, or ER.  They can shuffle Wednesday nights – LIFE at 8, LAW & ORDER at 9 (to replace soon to be defunct KNIGHT RIDER).  The sure to be cancelled CRUSOE gives up its Friday at 10 slot.  The only show that might take issue is the almost always gruesome or full-of-scantily-clad-people SVU on Tuesdays. 

What are your thoughts on the rumor?  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Are you ready to see Leno take a little breather?

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Good buddy Matt Mittovich over at TVGuide is posting that they’ve learned exclusively that PRIVATE PRACTICE and GREY’S ANATOMY have a big crossover February sweeps planned.

That gets me thinking – does PRIVATE PRACTICE need a good dose of whatever creative juices are flowing over at GREY’S? Will this negatively affect either show?

What are your thoughts on the possibility?

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That’s the rumor we’re hearing (don’t shoot the messenger if it doesn’t turn out true).  EW’s Michael Ausiello reports that Rob Thomas (creator of VERONICA MARS) and Kristen Bell (VMars herself) had a little chat about bringing our favorite small screen heroine to the big screen.  Apparently, Rob has discussed it with Joel Silver, too.

I don’t know if I can support a movie of this show without Backup the dog, so he better be in it.  What about you?  What do you think the storyline should be for a VERONICA MARS movie?

If you haven’t seen VERONICA MARS (how dare you!), buy all three seasons on DVD and have a fantastic Labor Day weekend marathon!

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