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On the set of MERCY

I recently had the great opportunity to head the set of my current favorite guilty obsession (sorry JERSEY SHORE) – the hospital-drama MERCY on NBC.  The good folks on set fed us an amazing lunch and then we set out for our day.  The fabulous James Tupper took us on a hushed and hurried tour of the set, along the way, telling us stories about the show and about what Anne (Heche, his girlfriend) was bidding on at Christie’s auction house (the other cast members were shooting on set, hence the hushed and hurried tour).

After the tour of places like Mike’s house, Veronica’s parents’ house, the hospital, and the courtyard, we ended up at the bar Delaney’s (a frequent haunt for the gang) for a little Q&A session with the entire cast – Taylor Schilling (Veronica), James Tupper (Chris), Michelle Trachtenberg (Chloe), Jaime Lee Kirchner (Sonia), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike), James LeGros (Dr. Harris), Guillermo Diaz (Angel), and of course, newest cast member James Van Der Beek (Dr. Liam West).  Here are some videos of the Q&A session.  And don’t forget to watch an all new episode of MERCY on NBC tonight at 8PM!

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Law & Order Set

Last week, I had the chance to join some of my friends in the blog world on a guided set tour of LAW & ORDER with the shows stars Jeremy Sisto (Lupo), Anthony Anderson (Bernard), and Alana De La Garza (Rubirosa). We spend a good amount of time asking them questions about their characters, their feeling of being a part of this show 20 years in the making, and what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks on the show (hint – Sisto LOVES him some MAD MEN and Rich Sommer’s guest starring turn this week was a huge “get” for him) – (more…)

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NUP_135932_0640A few weeks ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to join some of our favorite bloggers on a trip to the shooting location of USA’s latest dramatic-comedy, WHITE COLLAR.  There we had the chance to chat with the stars of the show (Tim DeKay, Matthew Bomer, Tiffani Thiessen, and Willie Garson), as well as the costume designer for the show.

WHITE COLLAR is the story of a career White Collar criminal played by the lovely and wonderful and beautiful Matt Bomer.  The character, Neal Caffrey, escapes his White Collar prison only to be captured for the second time by his favorite FBI agent the lovely and wonderful and awesome Tim DeKay as Peter Burke.  In a stroke of genius, because Neal has secret insight that other people might not have, the two team up to solve other crimes that are being committed on a trial basis.  If it works out, they will have a long term crime-fighting relationship, and thus the basis for an incredible series is created!  Tiffani Thiessen plays Peter’s wife Elizabeth and Willie Garson plays Neal’s informant friend Mozzie.  Diahann Carroll also stars.  Follow the jump for part one of our very long chat with Matt Bomer (Tim joins us for part two), as he talks about his character, about his cast mates, and about this fantastic show that I think you’re all going to love! (more…)

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Jill FlintJill Flint plays Jill Casey, the hospital administrator for Hamptons Heritage Hospital on USA’s newest hit show ROYAL PAINS.  On my set visit a few weeks back we had the chance to chat with Jill about the show and everything that’s going on with it.

Us:  Do you want to just start off telling us about your character?
Jill:  Sure, sure.  Jill Casey. Jill Casey is—she’s a local, she grew up in the Hamptons.  She’s a hospital administrator for Hamptons Heritage Hospital and as a person, she’s a very driven woman.  She’s not impressed with the whole hullabaloo of the rich and the famous that live up there, with their big houses and their fancy cars and their attitudes.  She’s not impressed by any of that.

She’s more interested in taking care of the people that she grew up with, people that she had been surrounded with her entire life. The locals, the people that, you know, do work in the restaurants or, you know, the local electrician.  Just the average blue collar folk.  They sort of get pushed aside by these jerks who drive in there, you know, thinking they’re all that.

Her passion, her dream, what she wants to do is open a free clinic and that attracted me to the script, because it’s—I think it’s very relevant to what’s going on in this day and age.  I mean, how many Americans can really afford to, you know, go to the doctor, have healthcare and have it be decent?  And, you know, if you’ve ever been to any sort of free clinic or sliding scale clinic here in New York, they’re kind of scary. [laughs]

So, yeah, that’s, that’s where she’s pushing towards and that’s who she is.  I’m—I was blown away by her when I met her, so to speak, and I’m happy that I get to play her, it’s good. (more…)

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paulo costanzo as evan lawson

One of the greatest parts of going to the set of ROYAL PAINS was the chance to chat with each and every cast member – today’s featured interview is Paulo Costanzo, who plays Evan Lawson, Hank’s younger and more adventurous brother.  He he had a whole lot to say, so let’s jump right in!

I guess we can just start.  Just tell us a little bit about the character.
So you all have tape recorders with—

It’s tape recorded for us.
So this is for everybody? 

Yeah. Don’t touch anything. [Laughs]
[Singing] Are you sure it’s recording?  Yes, it is.

You can see the red light.
Does this make you uncomfortable, Mohawk? [Hey K!] [laughs] Whose is this? 

That’s the official—
I’ll treat it well.  Can I use it as a mike? 

You can if you want.
Which means, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t, but you’re an actor, and actors are crazy, so— ” [everyone laughs] All right.

We like to say “temperamental” instead of crazy.
That’s good, yeah, but you mean “crazy.”  I’m all about subtext.


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Mark on Set

USA’s latest offering, ROYAL PAINS, premieres tonight, and I’m so excited for you all to finally see it!  Mark Feuerstein, who you know from GOOD MORNING MIAMI, IN HER SHOES, and ONCE AND AGAIN, is so likeable as Dr. Hank Lawson – he is a rising star at hospital who quickly sees his career going down the toilet thanks to a decision he made with his heart, rather than his wallet.  In the slightly meandering first 15 minutes of tonight’s extended pilot, Hank wallows in self pity, with no job, and no prospects.  His sarcastic brother Evan (played by Paulo Costanzo, JOEY, and who will be tomorrow’s featured ROYAL PAINS interview, followed every day by someone new until next week’s premiere) shows up to infuse much needed life into both Hank and the series.

From there, the Lawson men head to The Hamptons for a leisurely weekend away.  At various times throughout the weekend, Hank is called on to act as doctor for this elite society, effectively becoming a “concierge doctor” who is there to serve at the community’s beck and call.  Strapped with a gorgeous assistant named Divya (Reshma Shetty, Saturday’s interview), and an ally who he butts heads with at the big hospital named Jill (Jill Flint, Tuesday’s inteview), he forges ahead with plans to take the leap and embrace his surroundings.

On the set of the show last week, where I and a few of my old and new friends took a tour and met with the cast and crew, there was a chance to sit and talk with Mark about this show – why he loves it, why your parents will love it, the support of USA, and just about everything else under the sun!

So, should we just start with you telling us about your character?
Sure. That’s an easy way to begin. All right. So, I am playing Hank Lawson. And my character is, at the beginning of the pilot, a doctor in an ER in Brooklyn. And he’s playing hoops with a bunch of neighborhood kids. And one of them drops down. I don’t know how many of you have seen the pilot.

We all have.
Oh, you all have? Okay. So, you know the show. I’m not going to bore you with telling you a synopsis of a show that you’ve already seen.

I guess the conflict of Hank is that he’s somewhat—I mean there’s one thing that you don’t know from the pilot, which is that in his past, his father lost all the family money in the stock market. And they had to downsize from a nice house in maybe Passaic, New Jersey to a little two-bedroom apartment, and so money is fraught for Hank. And so now he’s got to take care of rich people while resenting them too.

And so as the show evolves, he by force of will, kind of ends up taking care of people who are not so rich as well, which was this perfect kind of marriage of a note from the studio and the character himself, because this note—I don’t know if anybody talked about this yet, but there was a note came down from on high in the middle of the writing of the first episode after the pilot from—when I say on high, I’m referring to Bonnie Hammer and Jeff Zucker. (more…)

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I’m heading down to Miami tomorrow for a set visit on one of our favorite shows – Burn Notice!  USA extended the invite a little over two weeks ago, and I have been counting down the hours!

Stay tuned for pictures, comments, and a play by play of my three days down south with my Mom ha!

You can follow me on twitter, just to see what I’m up to, as I’m sure I’ll be keeping you posted – twitter.com/mytakeontv.

Be sure to check back to the mothership – thetvaddict.com – for more exclusive details of the journey!

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