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Follow the jump for spoilers about who went home with the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 6 crown! (more…)


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Who went home and who are your top 6 dancers?  Follow the jump for the results! (more…)

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My favorite show this week, SONS OF ANARCHY Season Finale

Welcome to a week in review. Thankfully, it was a rather slow week, with a lot of big shows going into repeats, so I really had time to focus on some quality TV!  It’s a long read, so take caution as you  jump in, and be careful of spoilers if you haven’t seen something this week!

SUNDAY, November 29

THE AMAZING RACE is really starting to pick up steam as it heads towards the end.  At this point, I would be surprised if Meghan and Cheyne didn’t win in the finale, but the luck that Brian and Ericka have had and Sam and Dan’s ability to stay right in the raace could be total upsets.  It’s a shame that the Globetrotters took the 4 hour penalty in last week’s episode.  There are only so many combinations of the letters Z, R, N, A, and F, especially knowing that it started with an F, thanks to the brother’s help.  I would never have taken the 4 hour penalty, no matter how frustrating it was!  Maybe if I was actually in the race, and under the pressure, I would change my mind, but I doubt it!  Anyway, at this point, I don’t mind seeing any of the top three folks take the prize!

Talk about about ramping up to an amazing finale – DEXTER Season 4 has been completely on fire, am I right?  So many twists and turns.  With Dex figuring out the latest twist in Arthur’s seriously effed up world, that he kills 10 year old boys first, and then finishes the cycle.  Creepier than creepy, if you ask me.  And then there’s Christine.  I have to admit, I started thinking she was up to no good right around the time she stole information from Quinn, but I never would have guessed that she had shot Deb, never! Speaking of Quinn – I am suddenly shipping Deb/Quinn and I hope that that doesn’t mean we’ll see the end of Harrington’s Quinn in the finale!  I’m so over the whole Rita thing.  SO over it.  Part of me really thinks that Arthur will kill Dex’s family, giving him something to do in Season 5, get revenge, or go off the deep end or something genius like that.  According to an interview with Jennifer Carpenter on E!, the finale will have us asking “What can’t they do next” instead of “What can they possibly do next” so that should be insane.  Cannot wait to see what happens next!

Is CALIFORNICATION becoming the most depressing show on the planet?  I think it is, but for some reason, this season is my favorite.  Hank Moody is the most dysfunctional person in the world, yet women throw themselves at him.  I’m over Kathleen Turner, I’m over Rick Springfield, and I’m interested to see what happens with Hank and Karen.  I’ve heard from some friends that the finale is depressing, but that’s just par for the course, so we’ll see what happens in the next 2 eps! (more…)

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image006I think this season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is going to be one of the best ever – I already have some favorites in the top 20 (Russell!  Bianca!) and people I could do without!  Check out this behind the scenes video from photo shoot!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also check out the rules for another season of SYTYCD-FDL on our friend John Cabrera’s site!

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GLEE-SYTYCDDon’t forget that FOX is airing a special on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (the top 15 performances from the first five seasons) and the director’s cut of GLEE tonight!!  Do what you can to be home, or set the DVRs and watch right away.  The Director’s Cut of GLEE was screened for critics earlier this year, and there is just enough added that it makes it a slightly different and still awesome episode!

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Overall, tonight’s finale was a lot of fun. It was great to see some of the awesome dances from this season again. I mean, some of the dances chosen were just so obvious, that it felt the judges picked it because they had to (the Pas de Deux for example?  I mean, I thought Mia would have chosen that Mandy Moore one she loved a few weeks ago). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the show for the most part. I think Cat Deeley is great, I loved the big group dance. I thought Nigel tapping was quite great, and Mary and Dimitry dancing together were tons of fun. Good to see Ivan and Travis back on the stage.  I’m glad Twitch got to dance as much as he did.  The battle between poppers wasn’t my favorite, only because they didn’t really give Chbeeb a chance – they all love Robert Muraine so much.  But seriously, folks, Phillip left the comp because he had pneumonia.  Robert flat out quit because it was too much for him.  Also, let me take a minute to put this question out there – what attraction do the Jonas Brothers really have? I just don’t get it. Period.

Oh and PS to the powers that be at FOX and SYTYCD – I request that the judging panel always be 6 judges, from now on. It’s a lot more fun when it’s a cluttered, slurring mess!

And now what you really care for – who was the big winner? Check it out after the jump!


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The dancers tonight seemed a bit off in general when they were doing their pair work.  Solos were banoodles, IV real (I’m so using the SYTYCD lingo).  Hip hop with Nappy Tab’s choreography and Twitch/Courtney was just okay for me.  I felt like it could have been so much better.  And forgive me if I go out of order – it was a long night – I’m glad to see Wade back even though I didn’t think it was the greatest choreography we’ve ever seen from him.  Joshua and Katee did a fantastic job with it, regardless.  I totally thought the girls’ Broadway routine was lacking in something.  It just didn’t seem together, it felt unrehearsed.  But that’s just me and I’m so not a dancer so I may have missed something.  The Russian Trepak.  Meh.  I mean, good for Joshua and his high jumps (with a jump extension like that, there is no way he hasn’t had some sort of training).  And Twitch was okay.  But the whole thing just kind of felt mediocre….The Twitch/Katee foxtrot was beautiful.  The Jive with Joshua and Courtney felt like they just didn’t get it.  And I agree with the judges when they say that these kids are just so tired, they don’t really have the stamina to do all the dancing they did, so they did okay with what they had to work with.  I just wished it would have been more spot on, more exciting.  The Mia Michaels routine was all over the place – I’m with Nigel when he said he didn’t know what he was watching ha.  I did like the feeling of “this is it, we’ve made it this far” that the dance inspired, but beyond that, my overall reaction to the evening is “well that was pretty okay”.  I will say though that it pisses me off that Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel are Emmy nominees for doing nothing really, and Cat Deeley kicks total rear with her little sit downs and her genuine caring…

That’s my take…what’s yours?  Who did you vote for?  Who is going to win this thing?

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