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emmyIt’s Emmy time again!  This week is always so exciting as the last minute predictions make their way around the internets.  I just want to put it out there that I rarely agree with the Emmy voters on what’s funny and what I think is a dramatic performance worthy of accolades, but there are times when they’re right on the money.  Here’s what I’m thinking I would love to hear come Emmy award nominations, announced Thursday, July 16, by Chandra Wilson and Jim Parsons (please note that I don’t know enough about the Miniseries to weigh in on those categories)!

Keep in mind that the ideas I express below are simply my opinion, and I realize that I’m totally neglecting some amazing perfomances, but this is what I would LOVE to see, not what I expect to see!



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Which one of your favorites just narrowly missed out on top 2?  That’s why I’m here – having gotten completely addicted (against my better judgment) to the show in the past few weeks, I want to make sure people who missed it could find the answer!  After the jump, find out who got kicked off! (more…)

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haroldIn recent years, one of my favorite people to watch on TV has been Harold Perrineau!  Michael Dawson, the man who sold out his friends to save his boy on LOST, made a huge impact on the TV landscape that his celebrated return last season was a welcome addition.  Back on TV again this season, with a new show that’s gathering critical acclaim (while facing a limited audience), Harold spent some time chatting with me about what to expect, why he likes this show, why he thinks you will, and what about my movie choices make him laugh!

What drew you to this show?
I really thought it, I thought it was really, really funny, and really well-written.  I hadn’t done anything like this so far, that was light and funny, but really dark, and a little strange.  When they told me that Adam Goldberg was going to be doing it, I thought, yeah, I’d love to be down, so those are the things that drew me in! (more…)

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Here’s just a hint of the blogging to come as I wind down from a week in LA.  Updates have been non-existant (except a bit over on Twitter) because we haven’t had internet at the hotel!

Two of my favorites stories of the week?

1.  Simon Baker and I had a beer together (after The Mentalist Paley Event).

2.  I hung out in the backyard of the KT house with Scott Michael Foster and Dilshad Vadsaria!

More info and details to come!

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My apologies…

sorry-coverI have been feeling crappy, and too busy at the “real job” to keep up with all of the TV news!  Stay tuned later today for an conference call I was on with the lovely Ashley Newbrough from PRIVILEGED.  Rae’s busy editing the Podcast which should be up later today or tomorrow, and keep on the look out for my updates from the set of KINGS on Thursday, and my little journey into NYC for New York Comic Con!

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We all love us some Hulu!  That said, there’s always room for another way to watch full episodes of our favorite shows online!  The great folks at Fancast.com have let me know that they’Ve got full episodes of the shows we all love.  You can also download movies and shows for rent or for purchase!

Last night, I watched the episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER that I had missed – there were all kinds of clips and episodes for the shows.  Lots to choose from!

Check here for their list of shows online!  They also have great sweepstakes to enter!

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I’m on my way to BOSTON to spend a nice TV bloggers weekend with some of the best folks around.  Check in for updates from me, Rae, Ducky, and Kath throughout the next four days (we’ll miss you, other TV folks)!!

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