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GREEK gets a 4th season!

Thanks to Scott Michael Foster’s dad, Michael, for the tip – ABC Family has renewed GREEK for a 10 episode fourth season!  According to a report on The Hollywood Reporter, we’ll see new episodes later this year!  The show was reportedly on the bubble, and after ABC Family opted not to renew LINCOLN HEIGHTS, I think some fans were worried.  We can all enjoy our weekend now and breathe a sigh of relief, am I right?


Thanks to the SOUTHLAND Team at TNT, I am so exited to offer readers a chance to win Season 1 of SOUTHLAND on DVD*!

The season 2 premiere is coming up on March 2 on their new home, TNT, and between now and then, be sure to check out the site for interviews with the cast (Regina King, Michael Cudlitz, Ben McKenzie, Tom Everett Scott), preview videos, and reviews of the first two fantastic episodes!

To enter the contest, watch the following video and tell us what your favorite thing about this incredible show is!

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*Contest is open to US residents only.  Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email on March 2.

What’s On? Friday, 2/19/10

Once again, I’m positive I’m watching the Olympics all night!  What about you?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC is airing MEET THE FOCKERS from 8 to 10.  Over on CBS, there’s a rerun of GHOST WHISPERER where a chain email with a malevolent force threatens people’s lives.

FOX has a repeat episode of HOUSE.  This is the episode where House resumes ownership of the team after getting his license back, and he sets out to build the perfect team of underlings.  He also treats a porn star. NBC has the Olympics all night.  Tonight’s events include ice dancing, skeleton, men’s super combined downhill, and more ski jumping!  The CW has an all new episode of SMALLVILLE – Clark is infected with wish-fulfilling kryptonite for Valentine’s Day.  In doing so, he wishes himself into a “normal” relationship with Lois that leads to a move in and wedding planning, while wishing Chloe would better protect him, leading her to target her cousin.

The 9:00 Hour –

MEET THE FOCKERS continues on ABC.  MEDIUM is a rerun on CBS – Allison has a sudden sensitivity to light, so she dons sunglasses that help her see things a little clearer.  KITCHEN NIGHTMARES is a rerun on FOX.  Ramsay heads to Black Pearl in New York City.  NBC continues with the Olympics. The CW has a rerun of SMALLVILLE where Clark decides to admit he’s the blur when dealing with the Wonder Twins.

On HBO, the all new animated series THE RICKY GERVAIS SHOW starts – Ricky, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington’s podcasts are turned into an animated show.  Hilarious!  That’s followed by the premiere of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM; Tim’s post break up beard interferes with his job performance!

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC still has an all new 20/20 – Jeff Garlin’s memoir is discussed.  CBS has a rerun of NUMB3RS – Don investigates when two FBI agents are killed during a shootout with bank robbers.  NBC has the Olympics to end the night.

Starz has an all new episode of SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND!  Crixus and Spartacus are forced to work together as a team to defeat a champion in the arena.  Meanwhile Batiatus has a chance to make a lot of money – involving his battling band of gladiators.

On HBO, the 8th season of REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER premieres with guests Wanda Sykes and Congressional Oversight Panel chair Elizabeth Warren.  Panelists tonight include Seth MacFarlane, Norah O’Donnell, and Eliot Spitzer.

What’s On? Thursday, 2/18/10

What are you watching on this semi-busy Thursday?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC’s next all new episode of THE DEEP END airs tonight.  Addy’s long distance boyfriend shows up, and Liam and Dylan believe that the client they’re defending is innocent!  Over on CBS, catch another all new episode of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS VILLAINS!!  It sounds like Rob passes out and needs medical assistance.  Secrets revealed at Tribal Council could harm the well-being of a tribe!  NBC has the Olympics – it’s the big showdown on the ice. Will it be Evgeny Plushenko or Evan Lysacek?  My vote is for Evan, hands down!!

BONES is a rerun on FOX – a little person wrestler’s body is found, and Booth has trouble with his marksmanship. Over on The CW, catch a rerun of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – Damon realizes that there are other vampires in town, while Elena confesses her love for Stefan and convinces him to stay in town.  Afterwards, she finds a picture that threatens their relationship and, eventually, her life!

The 9:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new GREY’S ANATOMY – Bailey, Webber, and Callie reflect on memories of their past.  Missi Pyle plays Bailey’s old resident, Sarah Paulson and J August Richards play Ellis and Richard back in the day, and we find out an interesting tidbit about Callie’s introduction to one of our docs.  Catch a rerun of THE MENTALIST on CBS – it’s the episode where someone is kidnapped, and the team needs to work with Bosco’s team to find her.

An all new episode of PAST LIFE airs on FOX.  Two people start sharing the same regressions, and they realize that they were star crossed lovers from a past life who found each other in this one.  NBC has the Olympics – the women do their half pipe thing, too!  I’m hoping Gretchen Bleiler gets her gold this year!  SUPERNATURAL is a rerun – it’s the episode where Bobby plays poker with a witch, and Dean ages into an old man who is still the same old Dean we know and love.  Check out an all new episode of FIRST 48 on A&E.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new PRIVATE PRACTICE. Naomi still doesn’t want to help with wedding plans but she does help Addison on a difficult case.  CSI is a rerun on CBS – the conclusion of the CSI trilogy that started back in Miami on Monday.  NBC has the Olympics to end the  night – more speedskating!

You’ll find an all new episode of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY on Bravo.  Check out another hilarious episode of ARCHER on FX.  A bomb threat on a luxury liner has the ISIS team sweeping in to save the day.  Over on Lifetime, PROJECT RUNWAY has an all new episode – the designers need to design for a bunch of little girls who act like a bunch of little girls and piss all the designers off!  MANHUNTERS: FUGITIVE TASK FORCE is all new on A&E. Another all new episode of AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW is on MTV – the top 9 teams compete against each other for the first time!  Another all new episode of BURN NOTICE is on USA!  Michael infiltrates the fashion world and he and Fiona butter up a Polish intelligence officer!

On Comedy Central, don’t miss new episodes of IMPORTANT THINGS WITH DEMETRI MARTIN and THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM. The important thing of the week for Demetri is “Stategy”.  Sarah’s episode has her taking a stance against violence in media, particularly the movie HOME ALONE, and she inadvertently lands a position of influence into cleaning up what we see on TV.


I promised myself that I was not going to watch AMERICAN IDOL this season (as I do every year), and yet, here I am, excited about the top 24!  What about you?  Are you dying to know who is in?  Follow the jump for video of the Top 12 girls and Top 12 guys at their official AMERICAN IDOL photoshoot! Continue Reading »

LEVERAGE ends its 2nd season tonight with the second half of a two part finale, directed by Dean Devlin.  I had the chance to be involved in a conference call with him last week, and he had some great info about what might happen in the episodes to come!

So I wanted to ask you, the [last] “Three Strikes Job” episode…it had a lot of twists and turns on its own and almost would have been a pretty satisfying ending on its own but then I see the preview for the second part and it looks like things get even more intense within the group.  So what can you tell me about what the team is going to face during the season finale?
Well you know the theme of the whole second season was really about identity, in other words you know before the season – before season 1 began, these were all loners who all worked by themselves, who didn’t really have a sense of family.  In season 1, they had come together but the question was could they hold themselves together?

And in season 2 really the question became well, if they’re not who they used to be before they got together, who are they now?  And so the real exploration in this next episode is the culmination of these stories and a discovery really of who they are in relationship to each other, in who they’re going to be going forward.

You know in this season Sophie had to leave the team to find out who she was.  Nate is trying to redefine himself and he’s – obviously he’s had struggles as he’s fallen off the wagon and trying to understand who he is.  So this will all culminate in next week’s episode.

I was wondering if you could talk about the decision to have Sophie as such an active participant in the back half of the season.  A lot of shows that I know would just kind of say oh, this character has gone off somewhere and never refer to them again, but you know she keeps coming up and she has these really pivotal plot moments with Nate.  So can you talk about you know how you approached her absence and how you decided to work it that way?
Well you know this was the necessity being the mother of invention, so as Gina’s pregnancy came out, we didn’t want to just move her off the show.  We really wanted to try to keep her there as much as possible.  But we had made the decision that it wasn’t good for the character for her to have a child, so we needed to work around her pregnancy.

But she’s such an important part of the show that we didn’t want to have her leave the show entirely so we tried to find ways to keep her involved in a meaningful way and yet still try to work around the pregnancy. Continue Reading »


I’m dying without GLEE, aren’t you?  Only a few short weeks until we get to see another all new episode, and FOX passed along an all new glimpse at what we have coming when the New Directions crew gets back!

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I’m BEYOND excited!  What about you?

HUMAN TARGET Preview Clips

Check out some exciting new preview clips from tonight’s all new episode of HUMAN TARGET. Marshall Flinkman himself, Kevin Weisman, guest stars as an engineer trying desperately to leave his job and he needs Chance’s help!  One of my favorites, Autumn Reeser, guest stars!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not a lot of new TV tonight, but there’s some good stuff on, nonetheless!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC airs rerun episodes of MODERN FAMILY and THE MIDDLE.  Up first, the episode where Mitchell convinces Jay that his oldest friend might be gay and Sofia gives Manny’s online date a makeover!  On THE MIDDLE, Sue wants a pair of expensive jeans, and Frankie accidentally shrinks them.  Over on CBS, catch reruns of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE and GARY UNMARRIED.  On CHRISTINE, Richard and Old Christine meet up with some old friends and marvel at just how old they are; on GARY, Gary overpromises to Louise when he tries to outdo Allison’s new boyfriend.

FOX has an all new hour of HUMAN TARGET – Kevin Weisman (Marshall from ALIAS) guest stars as a an engineer who wants to leave his job, but needs Chance’s help to get through the tough security; Autumn Reeser also guest stars!  NBC has more of the Olympics – scheduled events include snowboarding, skiing, and speed skating!  Check out a rerun of Monday’s LIFE UNEXPECTED on The CW – Lux throws a party, and upsets Baze, while Cate struggles to forge a bond with Lux!

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, catch reruns of MODERN FAMILY and THE MIDDLE.  On MODERN FAMILY, it’s a rerun of the episode where Manny is an expert fencer, and Claire and Mitchell do a little figure skating.  On THE MIDDLE, Mike finds a dinosaur bone, and inadvertently shuts down the plant, while Brick runs for class historian.  Over on CBS, check out a rerun of CRIMINAL MINDS, featuring a group of serial killers who travel in packs and pick random people to kill.

FOX has an all new hour of AMERICAN IDOL.  The official top 24 are finalized!  NBC has more of the Olympics.  The CW airs a rerun of GOSSIP GIRL – the episode where Chuck recruits Serena to work as PR for the opening of his new club and Lily and Rufus celebrate Halloween.  GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL is all new on Syfy with a trip to the Duran Sanitorium in Costa Rica.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC two reruns of COUGARTOWN. Up first, the episode where Lisa Kudrow guest stars as a mean doctor that Laurie, Ellie, and Jules go to, and who happens to be dating Bobby; second episode has Jules questioning her relationship with Jeff (Scott Foley).  CBS has a rerun of the CSI: NY that has Laurence Fishbourne’s Ray visiting the NY CSIers for the crossover event!  The Olympics continue on NBC.

SHEAR GENIUS has an all new episode that finds the stylists trying extensions for men, and styling models for the cover of a romance novel.  On MTV, you have another episode of THE REAL WORLD: DC – Mike decides that it’s time to embrace his sexuality, and he wants to come out to his family.  On FX, an all new NIP/TUCK has Christian and Sean trying something unusual to get new clients, while Liz dates a newly single woman.  TBS also has new two new episodes of MEET THE BROWNS.  TNT has an all new episode of LEVERAGE – the second part of the season finale has the team still trying to bring down the squirrelly mayor!  Season 2 of BEING ERICA continues on Soapnet.  Dr Tom gives Erica a day that is consequence free.  Anything she does or says will not be remembered by anyone but her, and it has almost disastrous effects on her relationship with Ethan.  Plus?  Kai sings!

Don’t miss an all new episode of PSYCH on USA – Shawn and Gus try to recover a lethal pathogen before it falls into the hands of a thief. Judd Nelson guest stars!